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This page will be periodically updated to include listings of books, collections, articles, or other publications that I have either authored or co-authored.

Updates may be followed by articles about these pieces or the making of them.

Current Publications

The King’s Princess


The King’s Princess is an online e-magazine that is released bi-monthly. CS Taylor serves as a columnist and creates content for “The Writing Corner.” The King’s Princess was founded by Isabella Morganthal in 2013 and now has a growing list of subscribers. If you are interested, as an author or photographer, in contributing to the magazine, look here for more information.

Boston Accent Lit

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Boston Accent Lit is an online literary journal where CS Taylor serves as Fiction Editor. It was founded by Sarah A. O’Brien in 2016 and is based out of Boston, MA. This journal aims to showcase work that is “daring and innovative,” and provides a platform for both established and emerging authors. Boston Accent publishes six issues per year in a digital format, making it accessible worldwide. In 2018, Boston Accent also began publishing digital chapbooks.

Authors may submit art, fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and other forms of writing to Boston Accent by following the instructions here.

Christ’s Light Magazine

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Christ’s Light Magazine – Shining Bright in a Dark World’ is a bi-monthly published, free e-magazine whose sole purpose is to encourage and uplift Christian young ladies around the world to live fully to their God-given purpose of being bright lights for Christ. We feature several thematic articles each issue, along with Christian book reviews, poetry, artwork, and interviews with authors, missionaries and more! Feel free to subscribe at

CS Taylor served as a guest writer in the October/November issue which you can read here.