Who am I?

CS Taylor, better known as Cher or Tilly, is a quiet, simple person who enjoys nostalgic memories of days gone by. She writes mostly fantasy but also dabbles in other genres. She is a teacher, mentor, student, avid reader, and procrastinating writer. She fills her weekends with walks along the road, horseback rides, rollerblading, puzzles, soft blankets, and small children. In other words, nothing entirely out of the normal.

What is Folded World?

Folded World is a secret place that unravels at your touch. It’s a doorway to places not even I can imagine. And it welcomes you.

How Did it Come to Be?

Folded World was born as the combined brainchild of fantasy, nostalgia, and a plethora of arguments with fellow writers. It’s a place for you to learn and grow with me. A place where you can sit in the shade and blink at the ethereal.

What Does it Mean?

The world is like origami. Full of twists, folds, rough edges, smooth curves, and secrets. Folded World is a place of fantasy created not just so we can understand ourselves but also the world around us.

I like to think that great fiction comes only when we push past the boundaries of what we know to unravel the complex mysteries of what we do not.

What Can I Find Here? 

As time passes, you’ll discover more odds and ends added here and there. You’ll find articles, reviews, guest posts, serials, reading lists, videos, occasional contests, and a whole slew of other things to enjoy.

Wondering where you can find something? Want information on a specific topic? Want to know how you can get involved? Contact me.

What Can I Expect to See in the Future?

Who knows?