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200001597_603071057337625_2555931377688864135_nMariella Taylor was raised on fairy lit paths somewhere between the backstreet alleys of Jackson, Mississippi, and the jazz infested avenues of New Orleans. Currently, she’s settled in the open meadows of Iowa where the tulips grow thicker than the grass. 

She spends her days juggling armfuls of books and trying to reach the top shelves in all the local libraries, and she spends her nights star gazing and ignoring her own writing. She fills her weekends with movie marathons, long walks in the sunshine, and day dreaming about DnD. In other words, nothing entirely out of the normal. 

She graduated with her terminal degree in Writing and Editing from University of Nebraska (Omaha) in 2018, and now she delegates her writing efforts to mentoring young authors, providing editing services to Indie writers, and grumbling at her uncooperative characters. She hopes one day to talk those characters into becoming part of a book. 

Mariella Taylor can be reached at her email You can also reach out to her through Instagram, Facebook, Goodreads, Pinterest, or on her blog.

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